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Organizations urge government to be more open

A coalition of civil society organizations on Saturday urged the government to fully apply the principle of open government and incorporate active participation in development programs to prevent the misuse of funds. The principle, which includes open data, is expected to be the basis of the country’s development in the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) […]

CSOs establish communiqué on open government

Denpasar-Civil society organizations (CSO) in the Asia Pacific have created a communiqué to urge governments of Open Government Partnership (OGP) country members to implement the principles of open government. In their joint communiqué, the 153 organizations stressed the importance and need to establish, expand and consolidate civic space. They also urged the OGP to establish […]

13 ways to unlock the potential of open government

Tiago Peixoto, open government specialist, The World Bank, Washington DC, US. @participatory Open data is an enabler – not a guarantee – of good participation: Participation implies creating legitimate channels of communication between citizens and governments, and opening up data does not create that channel. We need to consider which structures enable us to know […]
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