Indonesian CSO Calls on Governance Issue in Eighth Open Working Group Post 2015 Agenda

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Governance and open government are prerequisites of development.  The concept of such government allows all layers of the society to be able to enjoy the entire development process in order to achieve welfare and justice, which is the goal of the post 2015 agenda. Clean and open Governments will ensure that corruption will be eliminated, and the public service would be well received by all citizens, both men and women. Open government will also promote the establishment of an accountable‐government. The accountability agenda is also realized along with the promotion of rule of law and access to justice to address socio-economic inequality and create a peaceful society.

Access to information and open data are crucial to establishing an open and accountable government. The access will enable the citizens to participate in the design, delivery and monitoring all of the development process.  Based on the Indonesian experience, there is a potential problem that constrains access to information for all of the people. A poor ICT infrastructure and poor information literacy between areas and groups of society, and therefore underutilization of information by communities are the main obstacles.

In order to maximize the achievement of the post 2015 agenda, we call the forum for the following things:

  1. To establish the open, inclusive ad accountable government as stand alone on Post 2015 goal
  2. To ensure the equality on access to information for every people especially those are marginalized , including the different ability and women groups
  3. To ensure the guarantee for every people to have access to utilize ICT as the government tool to publish information as a global target
  4. To implement open data and access to information policy for public monitoring on the sectors that may increase the state’s income, which in turn will add to the development expenditure, including taxes, SEO/REO management, and mining/extractive industries
  5. To implement open data and access to information policy in the social security program on the universal sector of health and labor, for ensuring that the program is appropriately on target.

To achieve those points of recommendation, Indonesia’s current chairmanship of OGP is also considered a strong opportunity to demand real and effective improvements through ambitious and strong commitments for the new Indonesian Action Plan (which is currently being developed). It’s including the important position in development of Post 2015 Framework, and ratification of the UN convention to fight against corruption, in which guaranteed access to information throughout the community is required.
By : Ahmad Faisol

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